Solution delivered:
Overall, the impact on resources was tremendous; two financial analysts each saved 40 hours a month and were able to focus on more productive activities.


A wholly-owned subsidiary of Christus Health, Christus Medical Group is a Catholic, faith-based physician employment and practice management organization employing over 90 physicians and other healthcare providers in family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology and other specialties. They operate more than 40 medical clinics throughout Louisiana and Texas and provide staffing for several hospital based programs


Executives were looking for an enterprise Business Intelligence reporting solution that would enable them to easily track strategic initiatives and monitor benchmarks. The current method of acquiring this analysis was to create Excel spreadsheets from operational reports; this was such a time consuming process that management could only produce and distribute a handful of reports.


dashboardMD was able to provide a web-based solution that extracts the Business Intelligence needed from their existing data, then automatically generates all types of analysis reports, including trends, projections, and tabular reports with drill through. Custom productivity reports were built that allowed executives and managers to easily monitor and benchmark provider productivity using work RVUs, with annualized and year to date totals by facility and physician. Reports are now distributed via email with a push reports delivery system.

The client reported significant benefits from having fact based analysis at their fingertips including management by exception, noting that “with preventative management in place, the sooner information is available, the quicker solutions are recommended.”