Comparing Dashboard Solutions

Many systems now offer a dashboard component.
It’s important to compare the features in detail.


Dashboard Graphics

Some merely offer operational data in a graphical format. While nice to look at, these dashboards do not have the historical data necessary to trend, project or benchmark and provide no real insight or analysis.

Healthcare KPIs with Leading and Lagging Indicators

Other systems lack a healthcare focus, and may not properly track all the indicators that are critical to the healthcare revenue cycle. Their reports are limited in scope and depth, making it impossible to get an accurate picture of your practice.

Daily Updates

Daily processing with alerts is essential for monitoring the leading indicators that enable executives and managers to manage effectively and avoid end of month surprises. Receiving information only at the end of the month or every few weeks makes it impossible to manage proactively.

Complete BI Solution

Many BI solutions ONLY offer the ability to slice and dice data or some version of OLAP browsing. These systems are geared to the few executives who have the expertise and time to spend searching endless combinations of data.

dashboardMD’s unique BPM framework combines OLAP browsing and slicing and dicing capabilities with an automated reporting system that pushes information via email. Everyone in the organization – executives, administrators, managers and providers – gets the right information, at the right time. Our BI data warehouse does all the work for you, monitoring and alerting you to any anomalies – no searching required.

Only dashboardMD offers ALL of this functionality and more

  • Web-based – information is available anytime, from anywhere
  • “Plug and Play” – works with any or multiple practice management/billing system
  • A data warehouse provides true business intelligence analysis with trends, projections and Business Performance Management tools including KPI benchmarking with user-defined goals
    o Track thousands of goals/benchmarks for each KPI per physician, facility, payer, practice, division or enterprise wide
  • Automatically measures, monitors and analyzes revenue cycle processes every day, alerts issued for significant changes
  • Seamless, automatic nightly updates
  • Automatic “push” delivery of any report via email
  • Aggregates data from multiple sources
  • User-defined dashboards with scorecards, gauges, charts, graphs, tables, listing reports
  • Choose from hundreds of analysis reports
    • – Filter by multiple dimensions
    • – Drill through to detail
    • – Enterprise reports with rollup
  • Custom reports are available
  • Automates and simplifies the reporting process for the entire organization:
    • – Executives monitor the progress of strategic initiatives enterprise-wide
    • – Managers track monthly goals with scorecards and benchmarking
    • – Providers receive automatic email reports for performance initiatives
    • – Front & back office dashboards monitor productivity and encourage accountability
  • Competitive pricing with low monthly subscription
  • Support, training and updates included at no extra charge
  • Simplified analysis is all point and click; new users are up and running in an hour