Alliance offers healthcare providers and medical billing companies unsurpassed revenue cycle management, business intelligence and performance benchmarking

Miami, FL, November 27, 2012– dashboardMD, a leading provider of business intelligence reporting solutions for healthcare, announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with Bolh Management Advisors (BMA), a healthcare advisory firm that helps clients achieve sustained growth by providing executive expertise, effective global strategies and deep analytics.

The symbiotic benefits of this partnership for healthcare providers and medical billing companies will be immense. By combining dashboardMD’s existing business intelligence dashboards and BMA’s performance improvement management tools developed from their 30 years of healthcare billing and consulting acumen, healthcare organizations will have at their fingertips the technology and business expertise to completely automate their revenue cycle monitoring and analysis.

The partnership will feature a new performance benchmarking tool called BMA Cube. This service will offer detailed analytics into extended financial fields of the revenue cycle, providing even greater financial benefits to both dashboardMD and BMA clients.

“When you combine dashboardMD’s intelligent reporting solutions with BMA’s 30 plus years of helping healthcare providers optimize their billing operations, you have an unbeatable combination,” explained Kevin Carlson, CIO at BMA. “We’ve been using performance benchmarking for many years to help our clients discover where and how they can enhance their organization’s financial performance by improving their operational activities. When you add to this the capability to automate their revenue cycle monitoring with turnkey analytics, you have a complete solution for business optimization and sustained growth.”

The executive management teams of both BMA and dashboardMD are pioneers in the use of technology, optimization services and global outsourcing to enhance the operational and revenue cycle performance of healthcare organizations. BMA’s executives trace their origin back to the early 1980s when they founded a medical billing company that leveraged innovation, technology and global outsourcing to provide optimized, strategic business outcomes for medical practices. dashboardMD was a pioneer in providing healthcare dashboards and intelligent reporting solutions to help healthcare organizations manage their business with state-of-the-art revenue cycle tools, including turnkey analytics.

“This partnership will provide dashboardMD and BMA clients with capabilities that were never before available,” commented Jose Valero, President and CEO of dashboardMD. “Our two companies have worked together in the past, but we have never had a formal agreement to combine the critical revenue cycle services we both provide. This partnership solves that challenge. Our two companies can now leverage business intelligence technology with performance benchmarking, global management, deep analytics and strategic consulting to provide an end-to-end solution for revenue cycle enhancement and business optimization.”

About Bolh Management Advisors
Bolh Management Advisors is a New England-based management and technology firm. Their executive team shares over 60+ years of combined healthcare experience — having built one of the largest revenue cycle management companies in the United States, one of the industry’s largest captive global outsourcing centers, as well as a leading proprietary practice management system. The company works with leading healthcare organizations to help their clients sustain growth in an uncertain healthcare environment by providing executive expertise, effective global strategies, and deep analytics.

About dashboardMD
dashboardMD is a leading provider of Business Intelligence solutions and healthcare analytics for provider organizations. The company’s unique daily processing and turnkey management model completely automates revenue cycle monitoring and analysis. Web-based enterprise reporting tools include Daily Dashboards, Scorecards, Alerts, Ad Hoc and Predictive Analytics. Reports can be pushed via e-mail, exported to Excel/PDF or displayed as interactive dashboard screens with color coded charts, graphs, gauges and tables. Implementation is easy, and the entire service is delivered through a low-risk, Software-as-a-Service business model.