10 Ways dashboardMD’s Intelligent Reporting Can Help

  1. Your office spends hours manually pulling data from several sources to create spreadsheets.

    dashboardMD automatically combines data from multiple sources and generates ready to use, analyzed information for the entire revenue cycle.

  2. Everyone is working with a different report that’s been tweaked “just a little bit.”

    dashboardMD provides a single source version of current, error free information.

  3. Distributing reports is time-consuming.

    Our report subscriptions allow you to set up a schedule once and the system will automatically email any number of reports whenever you wish.

  4. Managers and executives have to sift through pages of reports to find which areas need
    immediate attention.

    Let dashboardMD do the work for you. Our decision support scorecard organizes your data based on performance and immediately provides an overview of areas that could be problematic.

  5. Analyzing spreadsheets leaves less time for actually managing.

    Our reports are pre-calculated and deliver analyzed information in an “at a glance” format. Simply by checking their dashboards for a few minutes each day, everyone in your practice has the information they need, on-line, anytime.

  6. Your IT department is overwhelmed with report requests.

    Our reports are pre-built and just a click away. Our team of programmers is always available to create reports to your specifications.

  7. Reports are based on data that is weeks or even months old.

    With dashboardMD, your data is always current and updated daily.

  8. Running reports requires system training and expertise.

    dashboardMD requires almost no training; everything is done for you. The system is all point-and-click, very intuitive and users are normally up and running within an hour.

  9. Everyone is suffering from information overload.

    Our dashboards are user–defined, and provide the right information, at the right time, to the right people:

    • Physicians can receive automatic email reports for performance initiatives
    • Managers can track monthly goals
    • Executives can monitor the progress of strategic initiatives enterprise-wide and drill through to detail
    • Presentations are easily created from our reports for Board Members, Investors, etc.
  10. Some PM Vendors use the “dashboards” bullet for marketing purposes but actually provide
    dashboards that may simply be graphical interpretations of the operational reports or workflow task lists.

    Only a data warehouse can provide true Business Intelligence (BI) Analysis Reports, BPM with an OLAP model and the ability to perform ad-hoc analysis. DashboardMD delivers enterprise wide BI with historical trending, projections, OLAP tools and KPI Benchmarking.

Let us know how dashboardMD can help.