Miami, FL, May 10, 2012 – dashboardMD, a leading provider of business intelligence reporting solutions for healthcare, announced today that St. John’s Medical Center, a general medical and surgical 108-bed hospital based in Jackson, Wyoming, has selected the company to provide healthcare Enterprise Business Intelligence reporting and simplified ad hoc analysis.

St. John’s is comprised of 150 providers, including 80 physicians who provide care on a regular basis in Teton County, Wyoming. The hospital serves a full full-time regional population of more than 40,000 that grows to an estimated 100,000 during peak tourist periods. Through tools from dashboardMD, St. John’s will automate the distribution of monthly productivity dashboard reports to its physicians. The company also is mapping to two new systems and rolling them into a single reporting environment for the hospital.

“Getting reports compiled on a consistent basis is very time-consuming because they have to be created manually, and it takes me multiple days to find statistics or key indicators that I want to compare to national norms,” explained Jim Berrett, Director of Physician Services & Cardiopulmonary for St. John’s. “When I first saw dashboardMD, I was blown away by the way it lets you simply click and pull up whatever information you want from your database. Also, the ability to have it as a cloud-based solution is huge for an organization of our size. Similar solutions were much more costly.”

The Business Intelligence gained from dashboardMD reveals critical information not found in operational reports from practice management or clinical systems. The company’s enterprise reports combine data from multiple locations and sources to provide a comprehensive view of an entire organization and allow comparisons for MTD or quarterly activities to gain insight into trends and exceptions or to make projections. With dashboardMD’s ad hoc reporting and analysis tool, St. John’s will have the flexibility to explore, navigate and refine its data by dragging and dropping performance measures and data filters. Especially important for Berrett, dashboardMD enables the creation of in-depth analytics without having to collect and aggregate data manually.

About dashboardMD
dashboardMD is a leading provider of Business Intelligence solutions and healthcare analytics for provider organizations. The company’s unique daily processing and turnkey management model completely automates revenue cycle monitoring and analysis. Web-based enterprise reporting tools include Daily Dashboards, Scorecards, Alerts, Ad Hoc and Predictive Analytics. Reports can be pushed via e-mail, exported to Excel/PDF or displayed as interactive dashboard screens with color coded charts, graphs, gauges and tables. Implementation is easy, and the entire service is delivered through a low-risk, Software-as-a-Service business model.