We provide web based enterprise reporting and healthcare analytics for hundreds of practices of all sizes and specialties.

“The ad hoc tool is fantastic! It takes me a matter of minutes to respond to report requests and since the site administrators now have their own secure access to their specific practices, I don’t get as many unique report requests.”

Donna Hopkins, Director of Revenue Cycle
UBMD Physicians Group
(University of Buffalo MSO with over 450 Physicians)

“Now I can monitor over 30 practices on a daily basis and their corresponding managers to easily track cash flow and visit volumes. This was simply not an option before dashboardMD.”

Mayra Velez, President
Medical Coding Consultants
(RCM Services and Consulting for 30 practices)

“There is so much information available with just a few clicks, which used to require many separate reports from my practice management system.”

Alex Fernandez, MBA, CMPE
Executive Administrator/COO GastroHealth
(38 provider Specialty Group)

“dashboardMD saves us weeks of manual data processing by automating our monthly reports distribution to over 500 providers with roll-ups to more than 30 directors, administrators and executives.”

Richard Fernandez, Chief Operating Officer
Steward Medical Group
(Integrated Healthcare System with over 500 providers)

“We’re moving to a performance based compensation model and I need a way to distribute productivity reports to all the providers on a timely basis without having to create them manually. In addition, I need to track what’s happening this month, not last month.”

Joanne Dwyer, Chief Financial Officer
The HeathCare Connection
(20 provider FQHC)

“dashboardMD saves me a ton of time every week by automatically emailing me a comprehensive rolled-up report from each of my 19 practices, every Monday morning. I used to run 19 reports on Sunday night and then manually post them into a single spreadsheet.”

Nancy Bickel, Chief Operating Officer
Womens Healthcare Group of PA
(100 provider Multi-Specialty Group)

“dashboardMD is setting the bar. I no longer spend my day compiling data and updating spreadsheets. Now I spend my time managing our strategic initiatives and evaluating our progress.”

Honey Ranario,
Director of Finance,
CHRISTUS Medical Group

“We no longer generate and send monthly reports! dashboardMD saves us countless hours of time.”

Mayra Velez, CEO,
Medical Coding Consultants