How much training does dashboardMD require?


We already have a fairly efficient office with a practice management and billing system.
I’m not sure if I need another software application just to manage my revenue cycle.

dashboardMD allows you to clearly see what processes are less efficient and why, or capitalize on areas of strong ROI. Having a fully automated office is the first step to increasing efficiency and profits, but unless performance is measured, monitored and analyzed it’s difficult to control what is happening in your revenue cycle. Your dashboardMD solution saves countless hours of running reports, collecting information from disparate sources, and finally analyzing and presenting results. It does all of this automatically and delivers information you can actually use 24/7 to your desktop.

Practice management systems traditionally are made up of a set of tools to process office transactions such as appointments, charges, payments, etc. dashboardMD actively maps the performance of all systems and processes. It seamlessly integrates data from your practice management systems and analyzes it to let you know if your software investments are functioning efficiently and generating expected profit levels. Results are reported automatically and monitored for alert situations.

What sets dashboardMD apart from other Revenue Cycle Management systems?

The majority of Revenue Cycle Management systems available were created with the requirements of hospitals in mind, and require a substantial investment in time and resources. dashboardMD offers a scalable solution that was developed to serve all medical providers and is easily customized to support any size practice. We worked closely with the healthcare community to create a revenue cycle management solution that truly addressed their needs.

  • dashboardMD is more than just information displayed as easy to read graphics; the system utilizes a Data Warehouse that provides true business intelligence analysis with trends and projections and Business Performance Management tools such as KPI Benchmarking.
  • dashboardMD processes nightly, so data is always current
  • Web-based, so information is available anytime, from anywhere
  • Dashboards are user-defined
  • Reports
  • “Push” reporting feature allows any report to be automatically emailed on a set schedule
  • Minimal training, users are up and running in an hour.
  • Reports are pre-built, calculated, analyzed and provide immediate information
  • Custom reporting is available

All of our software systems are installed on our computers.
Why is dashboardMD web-based?

Web-based systems are quickly becoming the gold standard for software deployment. They eliminate many of the headaches associated with computer technologies, because the end user is simply accessing the information. Data storage and all the processing actually takes place on our servers. There are numerous benefits to using web-based software:

  • Access anytime, anywhere – All you need is an Internet connection. Multiple locations can share the same data, and your information is always current.
  • Data is secure – Your data is actually more secure in our facilities than it is in your office. We meet or exceed HIPAA security guidelines, and provide the highest level of firewall protection and encryption available.
  • No maintenance – Simply log on to the Internet and you’re using the latest version of our robust application. Updates and nightly backups are done automatically.

How much time is required for set up and installation?

Implementation time can be as little as one week if your Practice Management System database has already been mapped to our software. If not, we can usually configure your data in about three weeks. During the implementation process, you will not notice any interruptions in your daily routine. Since dashboardMD’s solutions are provided as a service, not software, installation is brief. Once testing is complete, the transfer of data is set up to run automatically every night. An account is then created for each user.

This process is the same whether you use our secure, HIPAA compliant servers, or choose to host dashboardMD at your location with your servers.

What about cost?

With a dashboardMD solution you aren’t committed to investing a substantial portion of your budget in a software application. There is a onetime set up fee, (far less than the cost of purchasing a software system) which covers the entire deployment process and a monthly subscription fee.  Having a predictable monthly fee makes budgeting easier, and eliminates the “hidden “costs of computer-based systems. (Time lost with lengthy installations, crashed computers, new hardware, licensing fees, maintenance, support, and IT management.)

This low monthly fee gives your office access to unlimited support, updates, upgrades, new features, training videos, and our educational portal, featuring software tips, industry links and our BI knowledge base.

Is dashboardMD compatible with our clinical and management systems?

Absolutely. Our flexible architecture allows dashboardMD to seamlessly integrate with any system. We can collect data from almost any source, in any location.

How much training does dashboardMD require?

Entry level users are up and running almost immediately. Anyone with basic “point and click” computer skills can easily navigate the operational dashboards. Live, online training is included, and our customer help center offers downloadable lessons that can be accessed at any time.

What support is available to transition to using dashboardMD?

To ensure your success we offer healthcare consulting as part of the implementation process. Our Business Analysts will work with you to determine what benchmarks and key performance indicators make sense for your particular office, and help with determining short and long term financial goals. They will assist with initial data analysis to familiarize your managers with areas of concern and alert you to profit generating opportunities. In addition, users have access to our on-line BI knowledge base.

What other services are available?

dashboardMD, Inc. also provides custom programming solutions to our clients. We can create custom KPI’s or reports to your specific requirements. We also offer healthcare consultant services, either on an as-needed basis or through our Business Analysis Services.

How do I evaluate the ROI of dashboardMD?

ROI is based on two sources: cost savings from increased efficiencies and additional business opportunity. Typical cost savings are comprised of time saved monitoring, collecting and analyzing information, including the elimination of redundant activities and dissemination of reports in various formats.

Increased business opportunities are the result of better strategies due to greater insight into details and more current information. Alerts and management by exception encourage proactive and timely decisions, and empower all users in the organization to take responsibility for their goals.

Our web-based model also saves considerable resources when compared to traditional windows-based systems.

How is dashboardMD HIPAA Compliant?

Regulations for protecting patient information have always existed; there are dozens of state laws designed to safeguard patient privacy. Years before HIPAA announced its final privacy ruling, CMS, then known as HCFA, released an Internet Security Policy which specified the conditions for transmitting sensitive patient information:

"It is permissible to use the Internet for transmission of CMS Privacy Act-protected and/or other sensitive CMS information, as long as an acceptable method of encryption is utilized to provide for confidentiality and integrity of this data, and that authentication or identification procedures are employed to assure that both the sender and recipient of the data are known to each other and are authorized to receive and decrypt such information."

dashboardMD is committed to maintaining compliance with state laws, CMS policy, and the new HIPAA guidelines. Our on-line services were designed to provide a high level of security for confidential patient information. We ensure that our data is maintained in a safe and secure manner, include features to prevent unauthorized access, and utilize the same secure encryption format employed by banks for electronic transmissions. The following points summarize the requirements for providers regarding their obligations to The HIPAA Privacy Rule, while utilizing the services of dashboardMD:

As defined by HIPAA, our clients are “Covered Entities”, and dashboardMD is a “Business Associate” (see Privacy Rule 160.103). As a Business Associate, we are required to safeguard your “Protected Health Information” (PHI) and ensure it remains confidential. We cannot do anything with your data that you do not specifically allow us to do. We must notify you immediately if any PHI is inadvertently released, and are held responsible for your information while it is in our control.

Covered Entities must have a written “Privacy Policy” and provide this policy to their patients. After you’ve given your patients notice of your policy, a “Covered Entity” may share PHI with a “Business Associate”, (i.e. dashboardMD) for purposes of performing healthcare operations. You do not need to obtain each patient’s written consent when you perform specific healthcare operations such as transmitting a copy of your data to dashboardMD.

Written contracts with your Business Associates must include specific HIPAA terms. Our agreement maintains that dashboardMD will be in compliance with all state and federal laws, including HIPAA, and that these are the minimum standards we will use in protecting your information. Simply put, our contract says that the PHI provided by your office will only be used by dashboardMD to enable you to perform certain healthcare operations, and except for this use, we will keep your information confidential. The only exception is that dashboardMD is allowed to create an aggregated “Limited Data Set” for uses such as industry benchmarking reports. This information is created without revealing specific patient or provider information. As per the “Limited Data Sets” section of HIPAA, dashboardMD is allowed to aggregate data in order to develop industry benchmarks, as long as information that could be used to identify specific individuals is not revealed.

The bottom line is that protecting patient information has been mandatory for many years. HIPAA has increased Federal penalties for non-compliance and added to the required documentation which will make it a more enforced rule throughout the industry. If you’d like more information, or have questions, please contact us. We look forward to working with you. For your reference, a complete copy of The Final Rule of the HIPAA Privacy Standards is available at: