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Operational Processes are the backbone of the Revenue Cycle
dashboardMD’s integrated analytics provide a comprehensive overview of your practice’s performance areas so you can effectively monitor and fine-tune your workflow to maximize productivity, resource utilization, and profitability. Daily monitoring of operational processes with our turnkey dashboards will deliver another layer of administrative reporting, additional checks and balances, and empower your organization to act, not react.

Knowledge is power.

  • Gain daily, insightful performance views of your most important processes
  • Save a ton of time from manually compiling reports
  • Monitor the results of initiatives against performance goals and benchmarks.
  • Provides real time, fact based decision support


Monitoring scheduling analytics and Leading Key Performance Indicators such as wait times, no-show rates, cancellations or bumped appointments will maximize patient workflow and the utilization of practice resources.

Charge Lag

Calculate your average daily collections and imagine that a day is worth that dollar amount. Now imagine how a small shift in “Days to Bill” or “Days to Pay” will directly affect operating capitol. How about a large shift?


Leverage our turnkey wRVU Analysis environment to easily compare provider productivity indicators against industry or internal benchmarks, six month moving averages, last year to date or same month last year. We automatically calculate all the RVU values and accurately adhere to all modifier adjustments as well as GPCI settings.

Collections and A/R

Add another layer of reporting to keep an eye on the continued performance and effectiveness of the collection’s department with our matched A/R reports and trending metrics such as “A/R”, “Percentage of A/R over 90” and “Credit Balances”. All of which come complete with filtering capabilities and drill through to detailed patient listings.


It is imperative that a practice manage their denials and it is equally vital to manage denial resolution rates. Our denial analytic dashboards will alert your team to the source of denials while continuously monitoring denials and resolution rates to insure that the trends are heading in the right direction.

Empower your team.

Daily monitoring of operational processes with our turnkey dashboards will deliver another layer of administrative reporting with additional checks and balances.


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