Gain a Strategic Advantage with Turnkey Analytics and Executive Dashboards

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dashboardMD presents a tremendous value for your customers if you are currently producing aggregate or analysis reports manually. We completely automate reports generation and delivery. Your customers have 24/7 on-line access to their information, and with our push reporting capabilities, any report can be automatically emailed based on your schedule.

Your web reporting portal can be customized with a private label so the application has your company logo, look and feel and is seamless for your customers to navigate.

Intelligent Reporting

Offer your customers a turnkey analytics solution with hundreds of revenue cycle analysis reports, per practice, facility, provider, payer or financial class for the entire revenue cycle. Or they can choose to view aggregate data with Enterprise rollup reports that can be drilled through to detail.

Our Executive Dashboards give managers the big picture in minutes, with analyzed information presented as charts, graphs, gauges and tables. Your office maintains administrative control of all available reports.

Business Performance Management

dashboardMD’s Business Performance Management tools offer the insight and answers operational reports simply cannot provide. Manage proactively and set goals/benchmarks per provider, facility, practice, payer, financial class, specialty and more.

  • KPI Scorecards can be used to benchmark each practice, facility, provider, payer or financial class. Or measure and monitor the progress and results of strategic initiatives, such as physician productivity and compensation.
  • Decision Support Scorecards immediately focus attention on underperforming areas or anomalies, allowing managers to base their decisions on hard data, not a “gut feeling.”
  • User-defined alerts notify staff of changes in KPI values

How is your business performing?

dashboardMD automatically measures and monitors your data, every day. Get immediate alerts to adverse changes, such as a decrease in cash flow. Automate internal analysis reporting and manage your accounts far more efficiently. Immediately see which accounts are stable, improving or need your attention.

With our aggregate account, billing services have an enterprise wide view of all their customers’ financial data. Streamline processes, create accountability, identify bottlenecks and track strategic initiatives.

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