Solution delivered:
Automated dashboard report deliveries to over 450 providers, multiple administrators and executives; turnkey daily healthcare analytics from cloud-based enterprise reporting tools complete with ad hoc capabilities.

Key metrics

  • Multi-specialty with more than 450 physicians
  • Comprised of 18 individual practice plans


  • Significant time savings in report generation and delivery
  • Increased practice management analytics with benchmarking
  • Ability to rollup and report across multiple practices

“The support from dashboardMD has been great. They worked closely with our administrators, providers and executives to develop unique reports that we used to create manually and are now sent via email automatically on a monthly basis, saving us a ton of time!”

Donna Hopkins, Director of Billing for UBMD

UBMD Physician Group Utilizes Intelligent Reporting and
Healthcare Analytics Solution from dashboardMD

Up front, UBMD Physicians’ Group may seem like a typical physician practice, but first impressions can be deceiving. UBMD is a practice plan which includes more than 450 physicians who are also professors. The organization believes that having the dual role of physician and professor makes them look at things differently and helps them better conduct their research and teach their students because their work is based on actual patient experiences.

As professors, the physicians of UBMD conduct hands-on research and teach classes at the University at Buffalo School of Medicine, one of the top medical schools in the region. In fact, they have taught more than 5,000 physicians at UB in the past 10 years. In addition to conducting ground-breaking research in the study of multiple sclerosis, cardiology, stroke, lung injury, osteoporosis, pediatrics, diabetes and vision, the physicians have contributed to leading medical publications including The New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of the American Medical Association, Nature, Science and The Lancet.


The billing department of UBMD does billing for multiple practices and hundreds of physicians, so getting the month-end reports done in a timely manner for each of those practice administrators and providers was virtually impossible, and the organization didn’t have access to enterprise-wide billing across all of its practices. Donna Hopkins, Director of Billing for UBMD, wanted a better reporting solution for her staff members that was easy to use but powerful enough to provide comprehensive healthcare analytics while maintaining the flexibility to allow for ad hoc or “on-the-fly” analysis. Hopkins found the answer in dashboardMD, a leading provider of Business Intelligence solutions and Healthcare Analytics for provider organizations.


dashboardMD’s unique daily processing and turnkey management model completely automate UBMD’s revenue cycle monitoring and analysis reporting with Cloud-based enterprise reporting tools including daily dashboards, scorecards, alerts and ad hoc and predictive analytics. A myriad of analysis reports and business performance management tools are provided for UBMD with the ability to report across multiple practice data sources. Monthly provider productivity reports are automated, and analysts and even administrators now have the ability to freely mine the data and quickly create their own ad hoc analysis reports without depending on Hopkins’ team for every report request. In addition, Hopkins was thrilled to learn that dashboardMD reports could be set up to be delivered automatically via email.

“We do billing for eight large practices, and dashboardMD allows us to complete the month-end reports for each of those practices in a timely manner,” explained Hopkins. “It’s a simple point and click type of system with various interactive dashboards available that offer drill down into more detailed data or different graphical views, it’s very user-friendly.”


Through the use of dashboardMD, the time spent generating reports for Hopkins and her staff has been reduced dramatically, from multiple days to a couple of hours. The organization is able to produce graphical reports that are easily interpreted at a glance by providers and administrators, a process that was too time consuming before dashboardMD. In addition, the UBMD team enjoys the customizable dashboards and the ability to go in and produce their own ad hoc analysis reports for almost any filter scenario possible.

“It’s a great company to work with,” remarked Donna Hopkins. “They have a great product that delivers valuable information in a very user friendly setting, which is especially helpful since directors and administrators have to analyze a lot of data. The support from dashboardMD has been great. The staff is very professional, and I would definitely recommend the company to my peers in the healthcare industry.”